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  A song of universal love:

  Wouldn't It Be Nice...
If We Both Spoke the Same Language

  Love song in 3 languages
(English, Spanish & Mandarin Chinese)






  A song of universal hate:


  I Hate Everybody

  Actually, I don't hate anybody.
But I sure hate the miserable things some people do.

More inside...






  A song about love gone wrong:


  We flew too close to the sun...and our wings got burned!






  A song about love gone right:

  I Dreamed About Your Love

  A song with no "message".  Just another silly love song.





Songs with political or social messages:





A general-purpose dictator song:

  Warning: This song contains objectionable lyrics.
But that's only because it quotes the objectionable people the song is about.


  There are so many dictators! Check out our Dictator-of-the-Month Club!





  The Enemy Is You!

  A musical setting of Leonard Horowitz' book
"Emerging Viruses - AIDS & Ebola"





  I Was Born in the USA...

  ...That's Why I Think I Got A Lot To Say!

But is America really still a force to be reckoned with?
If so, we must do certain things. See below...






  I don't know why a Jew has to tell you this, America!
Unless you renew your Christian faith, the battle is lost !





The Double-Bubble Twist

  Bubble: A speculative scheme that depends on unstable factors.*
  Bubble: Trade in products or assets with inflated values.*

    i.e., "His proposal was nothing but a house of cards; a real estate bubble"...

    *Sources: WordNetWeb (Princeton), Wikepedia


Who knew John D. Rockefeller could dance?







An ugly subject, and an ugly song.
"Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness"???
If there's no Right To Life, you can forget about the other two!





It's Just A Matter Of Time

A song about drugs.
Sure, they feel good.
But in the end, you will always lose.
You probably know that already.





Some other kinds of music...




Three Blind, 12-Tone Mice

A theme-and-variations on the familiar tune of "Three Blind Mice",
transplanted serially to all 12 possible musical keys.
"They said it couldn't be done", so I did it.





Psalm 24

Arranged for (almost) a capella choir





Dr. Biegel's
First (Last?) String Quartet

"Minuet in G, Opus 0"

Photo courtesy of Petko Stoinov,






Music from the Garage



These are old songs - I'm not even gonna tell you how old some of them are.  Except for 1 or 2 cases of early synthesized sounds, these things are 100% live, unedited performances.  I keep thinking I should grow up and throw this stuff out, but it's just too good to throw out!

So here, for what it's worth, are Dr. Biegel's old garage recordings.  I liked them back then, I still like them now.  I hope you like them too!


This isn't my garage, it's a photo posted on Wikimedia Commons by some guy named Joe Futrelle, who I don't know.  But I'll be damned if that ain't my old Les Paul (if not, it's a dead ringer)!  Thanks for the photo, Joe!


OK, so it's not my old garage, but this really is my old basement.  So I guess I should call this stuff "Music from the Basement".  This is a photo of the rather artless, but technically very adequate recording room in which most of this stuff was recorded to 8-track 1/2-inch tape.


My Name Is Rock 'N Roll

The title's a bit arrogant, but the subject matter is, if anothing, more current now than it was when it was written!



Country and Western Dream

My first - and currently only - venture into the C&W genre.

If you can find a better C&W tune from North of the
Mason-Dixon line, take it!

As the songwriter wrote, ďIf that ainít country, Iíll kiss your...Ē



My Only One

This is the most beautiful song I have ever written, or ever will.

I say "or ever will" because the world has become very ugly since I wrote this, and my songs have therefore become ugly too.

I don't write beautiful music anymore -- it just doesn't fit.



Touch and Go

My first - and definitely not last - venture into the jazz genre.



Albert's Impression

A jazz piece which attempts to transport the Impressionist
harmonies of Debussy & Ravel into a jazz-fusion setting.

You might say it's "Dr. Biegel's impression of the Impression".

(Hopefully he understands Impressionist music better than the art!)



Nothing Is Easy
(after the game is over)

This piece illustrates why I could never have
been a "rock star" in the 20th century.

It's about the world-famous "1-night stand".

It has the audacity to actually suggest that maybe it isn't such a good idea after all.

This will not increase my popularity, but it's
a great song, so who cares.



I Took A Chance With Love

The picture exaggerates a bit, but nevertheless makes the point.

(And yes, this is my usual "cast of characters").



Drowning In A River Of Love

Langelinie is about to pull me down to Davy Jones.

What did I do?

Picture adapted from "Fisherman and the Siren",
Knut Ekwall (1843-1912), {{PD-Art}}.




(More Garage Music will be posted shortly!)


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  • The following clips are 100% live, played in "real time". There are no pre-recorded sounds -- no "drum machines" -- nothing artificial! This is not a "polished" sound, it's a fun sound!


Click to hear    Clips from DON'T TELL MAMA'S
(Your Song,   Michelle,   Moviní Out,   Listen To The Music,   Josie,   Riki Donít Lose That Number)

Click to hear    "RIDE LIKE THE WIND"
(Single song)

Click to hear    "TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX"
(Single song)

Click to hear    Clips, TOWN HALL & WANDA'S SALOON
(Jailhouse Rock, I'll Cry Instead, Come Go With Me, Break On Through, Something, Down The Road Apiece, You Should Be Dancing, Do It Again, Back In Love Again, Great Balls Of Fire, Sea Cruise.)



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