By Dr. Biegel


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Keep on doin' it babe,
I'm just overwhelmed with passion,
Why don't we do it right here in the road,
I think I read that that's in fashion, oh yeah!

I've got to have all of your love,
At least a 99-and-a-half percent portion,
Don't worry about a thing,
If you get pregnant, you can always get an abortion!
Oh yeah!

It's abortion, abortion,
No longer an against-the-law sin,
But when the people who avoid this misfortune,
Grow up, they're you and me, yeah!

Now they tell me that abortion,
In the ninth month is a piece of cake,
All you gotta do is tell the doctor,
That the baby gives you a headache, oh no!

What's that you're laying down now like it was news?
You tell me all children should be wanted,
Otherwise they'll be abused,
And their whole lives are gonna be haunted, oh no!

But let me tell you something...
Every child that's been abused, since 1973,
Has lived under Roe vs. Wade,
And was born of will quite free, oh yeah!

It's abortion, abortion, no longer an against-the-law sin,
And who will avoid this misfortune?
Grow up, it's you and me, yeah!

Here in New York most of the aborted,
Are poor Hispanics and blacks - Ha! What a waste of time!
If what you really want to do with these people is to kill 'em,
Why don't we go up to the ghetto right now,
And pump some lead into their backs!
Oh yeah!

After we've killed the minorities,
We can change our priorities,
We can really shake down those blues,
Start killing all the cripples and the Jews, oh yeah!

FDR: "The only thing we have to fear is, fear itself!"
Response: "And bullets!"

JFK: "Ask not what your country can do for you --
        ask what you can do for your country".
Response: "You can die, that's what you can do for your country".

MLK: "I have a dream today".
Response: "You had a dream, baby".