Albert's Impression

  By Dr. Biegel


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  "Albert's Impression" Notes

This is a genuine "garage recording", done years ago, and merely re-mixed here. The original recording was done on a rented piano, which sounded tinny. But if you can get past the "basement" sound of the piano, you'll hear some pretty good music.

E-publishers require an "album cover" for all MP3 uploads. If you look closely at the one above, you'll note the perplexed look on my face. The painting in the foreground, Monet's "Impression Soleil Levant", is cited by many historians as being the first of the Impressionist paintings - the one which loaned its name to an entire era. The perplexed look is because I don't really understand art - I never did. It's an hereditary deficiency of mine.

The painting in the background (Monet's "Oranges") is a little easier. (It's actually a copy of "Oranges", courtesy Mrs. Biegel).

As for the music of the Impressionist era, however, that's another story. I've sent many hours reading Debussy and Ravel piano and orchestral scores, thereby acquiring the knowledge necessary to attempt to transport Impressionist harmony into a Jazz-Fusion setting. As to whether or not I have succeeded, that's not for me to say.