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I Took A Chance With Love

  By Dr. Biegel

There was a time when I had my own true love,
She was the kind that you dream of,
But I was a gambler and I put my love on the line,
Now lonely sadness and tears are my "time".

I took a chance with love,
And I lost, lost what was mine,
Everybody knows I took a chance with love.

Never again will I have that smile so kind,
Never again will I have that peace of mind,
I bet that I'd win or lose in some race,
Now I've won sadness that shows on my face.

I took a chance with love,
And I lost, lost what was mine,
Everybody knows I took a chance with love.

In the beginning I misunderstood,
I grew blind and I know you would,
Then it all faded, and try as I may,
I had to watch my dreams fade away.






This is one of the few "garage" pieces that had electronic sounds. The "brass" tracks were generated on the Fairlight, an Australian device that was the world's first commercially-successful computerized instrument sampler. In today's inflated currency, Fairlight cost the equivalent of about a half-million dollars and filled a whole room (and no, I didn't own one; this was recorded in a studio-for-hire), but its old microprocessor wiring (probably better described as "macroprocessor" wiring), nowadays, could probably fit into a wrist watch, or at the very least, into something as small as an iPhone.

Everything, i.e., the brass as well as the physical instruments, was recorded to 8-track audio tape, and all the orchestral sounds had to be squeezed onto a single track. The mix is therefore suboptimal, and I had to decide whether I should re-score it now, since current multi-track digital recording systems readily allow each sound to be isolated to its own individual track for mixing purposes. After long deliberation, however, I decided to leave the old Fairlight track. If it was good then, how is it not good now? Besides, I don't want to rewrite history; neither my own nor anybody else's.

Had I had the money back then, I would have hired live musicians for all my recordings. If I had the money now, I'd still hire live musicians for my recordings. Sorry, Local 802. Who knows; perhaps this will be the year that such a thing actually comes to pass.