Touch and Go

  By Dr. Biegel


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  "Touch and Go" Notes

I once met a woman who had a close connection to jazz musician Roland Hanna, and I wrote 4 sketches of jazz improvisational pieces for his group. I doubt that any of my sketches ever got to Hanna, and, in any event, he certainly never played them.

Nevertheless, I thought they were pretty good pieces, so I stopped looking for famous jazz groups, and just decided to bite the bullet and record them myself. I only completed two of the four, this one and "Albert's Impression" (just below this in

There are two more which still only exist as sketches, entitled "Space Invaders" (you really gotta see the video for this one, but that's also only a sketch!) and "89", which is based upon a Miles Davis piece called "88" (I think Miles' piece was better, so don't read too much into the numerical increment).

Keep watching RightWayMusic for the last two jazz pieces (and don't forget to "keep watching the skies" for Space Invaders!). As for right now, take a listen to "Touch and Go". Pretty good, no?